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The Left Bank Lives Locally
Rockdale Displays new T-Shirt
Village Rekindles the Spirit Paris

Technically the land to the left of the direction a stream’s current is going (such as that of the creek from Cambridge to Rockdale) is called its “left bank.” And those words are now on a t-shirt promoting the more bohemian side Rockdale, one of the smallest incorporated village in Wisconsin.

In most people’s minds the phrase is associated with Paris of an earlier era. The "Rive Gauche" means the artists, writers and philosophers who inhabited it, including Pablo Picasso, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, Henri Matisse, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and dozens of other members of a legendary artistic community. 

“The phrase implies a sense of individuality and creativity,” says John Lehman, former owner of the Night Heron Bed, Books and Breakfast. “It immediately appealed to my neighbor, Gerry Fosdal, and myself. Perhaps, we thought, it would communicate some of the uniqueness of this side of the village.”

The two quickly developed a t-shirt proudly proclaiming: “The Left Bank.” It is now available for a $10 at The CamRock Café in Cambridge and at Heather’s Bar and Grill in Rockdale.

“It will be a treat to see people wearing them,” says Gerry, “even if we fall a little short of Picasso and Hemingway.”



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